About Simco Spring Machinery Co. Ltd.

Simco Spring Machinery Co. Ltd, one of the oldest and most respected machinery trading companies in Taiwan, focuses on high quality and affordable machinery solutions. Simco is the exclusive North American distributor for TRS Automation and XinDa Machine Co Ltd. Over the past 32 years, Simco has distributed thousands of spring and wire forming machines that are installed across the globe. They’ve not only earned a reputation for innovative and affordable manufacturing solutions, but also for providing outstanding technical support and assistance to spring & wire forming manufacturer’s, and OEM’s alike.

About Simco Spring coilers (TRS Automation)

TRS Automation was established in 1981 as a specialized manufacturer of spring machinery and spring end grinding machinery. With 33 years of experience in spring machinery, TRS is known for their innovative engineering and high quality machinery. TRS Automation produces a broad range of spring coiling machinery from .8mm – 50mm, with proven emphasis on 8, 12, 16 & 20mm CNC coilers for the industrial, agricultural, construction and automotive industries. TRS/Simco is the leading supplier of CNC coilers to the OEM & aftermarket automotive and motorcycle suspension industries. TRS also produces a range of crash and down feed grinders, lathes and will design and build custom machinery to suit the individual manufacturer’s specialized needs.

About Simco Spring formers (XinDa Machine Co. Ltd.)

XinDa Machine Co. Ltd. is a well-known vertically integrated manufacturer of CNC wire and spring forming machinery. With many years of design, engineering and manufacturing experience, XinDa has become a global leader in CNC radial slide spring & wire forming machines that cover wire ranges from .3mm – 5.0mm, with features such as servo spinners, rotating wire, rotating quill and servo controlled hook stations.

About Simco Vertislides (YSM)

YIN SHEN MACHINERY CO., LTD (YSM) was established in 1979 and is one of our oldest partners.    YSM is the largest builder of Vertislides used for producing both simple and complex formed metal stampings and assemblies as well as wire forms.

All this combined together transforms your investment of a YSM product into a valuable asset.  YSM put many efforts in tool designing and development, in order to provide you the high-quality tools and relative technical support. Long-term business relationships and joint projects are in progress with our partners and agents in USA, UK, Germany, China, India, etc.  YSM’s design team can simply and reduce costly secondary operations by integrating assembly, welding, and tapping operations into a cost effective YSM work cell.  Challenge us!   Send us your projects and let our application engineers design a solution for you.

About Delta spring coilers & formers (KCMCO)

Delta is Gibraltar’s brand name.  Our Delta spring coilers and formers are manufactured in Dongguan City, China, by KCMCO.  KCMCO has been designing and building high-quality cost-effective spring and wire forming machines since 2007.  KCMCO is one of the largest producers of spring and wire forming machinery, but maintains the responsiveness and feel of the family-owned business owned by brothers who are actively involved in the day-to-day operation.  KCMCO is not only a leader in the Chinese market but has exported machines to over 30 countries.  Partners since 2015.

About Delta spring grinders (SMC Zhejiang Zhijang Machinery Co, Ltd)

Our Delta Downfeed grinder are both single and double plate from 7-36” grinding stones.  Our Delta down feed grinder partner is SMC Zhejiang Zhijang Machinery Co, Ltd.  SMC is established in 1993 and is the largest builder of downfeed grinders in China with over 150 grinders produced per year.    SMC downfeed grinders are precision grinders with minimal features and an extremely user-friendly interface.  Our low cost may attract you to order your first grinder, but our Delta grinder reliability, accuracy, and support will earn your second grinder order.      Partners since 2017.

About SAS Spring testers (Spring analysis systems inc.)

Spring Analysis Systems Inc.  (SAS) based in Israel was established in 2001 by aeronautical engineers Larry Sheiman and Martin Somers.   SAS specializes in testing equipment designed to meet the specific needs of the spring and wire forming manufactures and end users (OEM’s).

SAS product line consists of five series of testers.  The series includes models specially designed for testing of either compression, extension, torsion springs or wire forms.  Additionally, SAS is offering life cycle and fatigue testers as well as vision inspection equipment for both axi-symmetrical parts and for 2 and 3 D wire forms.  All SAS testers are designed in house with our proprietary software using algorithms developed for testing springs & wire forms.  SAS is also available to custom design a testing system to meet your project specific spring or wire form needs.

When you buy a SAS tester, we welcome you to the SAS family.  SAS is large enough to offer a broad range of testers, but small enough that the owners- Larry & Martin- are available to assist you with prompt technical support & training.   SAS is our newest partner.

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